Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Latest Crush: Mishael Morgan

I have a huge crush on Mishael Morgan. She is an actress on the Young & The Restless. She plays the character Hilary.

I haven't been this excited about a black woman on soaps since Drucilla! God knows we haven't had a fully developed black woman on soaps since Drucilla. Unfortunately, Drucilla's daughter, Lily, has been whitewashed and is currently portrayed by a middle eastern (not black) chick. So, upon setting eyes on Mishael Morgan, and the realization that she has a personality, I became excited. 

From what I've read about Mishael Morgan she has it all...brains and beauty. She is originally from Trinidad. Her family moved to Canada. She studied political science in college. She is married (dammit) and has been married since 2012. 

Maybe I need to take another trip to Trinidad. I have met a lot of black women from Trinidad who were bad as hell!

Side note: Why do so many Caribbean blacks move to Canada or New York? If any of you black Canadians can answer that question please feel free to drop the answer in the comment section.

Anyway, I posted a message on twitter about Mishael and she responded....

When I asked about an autograph she sent me a personal message...

God this woman does something to me!

Anyway, if you're on twitter go follow my new boo.

Here are some videos I found on Youtube...

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