Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thief Proofing Blackjack (My Truck)

Old dirty bastard!

Yesterday I returned home from my hometown where I spent Thanksgiving with my family (I'll write about that sometime this week). While there, some of my men folk adjusted my front bumper to the point where I'm satisfied...not happy, but satisfied. Tuesday I'm taking it to the dealership down the street from my apartment to get them to correct the issue.

While not noticeable right away, the right side of the bumper clearly sticks out more than the left side.

I ordered a brand new ashtray for the truck which I'm planning to install today. In addition to this, I plan to remove the BLUE turn signal lights my uncle installed. I don't know what the hell would possess him to install some POLICE BLUE turn signals on my truck, but they have to go! The lights look very nice. However, I'm 90% sure the lights are illegal and I don't want any tickets...

The light at the very bottom is the one my uncle made Police Blue.
Today I plan to spend my day making Blackjack thief proof.

Yesterday my dad and my brother added some rim locks to the truck...

You can't see the locks clearly in the picture, but they are small locks that replace the lug nuts in the rim. The locks can only be removed with the key that came with them, which I carry on me at all times (in case I get a flat).

Today I'm planning to add the following to the truck...

  1. A GPS tracking device: Once the thief realizes the rims cannot be removed he is going to try to steal the whole truck. First, he will have to get through the car alarm, which is loud as hell. The alarm is supposed to prevent the truck from cranking. Next, he will need to get through the steering column lock, which I'm installing today as well. He won't be able to hotwire the truck with the unbreakable steering column lock I purchased for $275.00. Next, he will probably notice the break pedal doesn't move because it's locked down as well. If by chance he is able to make it through all of this security, the GPS tracking device is supposed to stop him. The device comes with a "Kill Button." If the truck starts moving I receive a text message to my phone. At that point I have the ability to press a button and kill the gas supply and battery supply to the truck. I can then use the GPS tracking to locate my truck.
  2. Steering column lock: It is premenantly on the truck at all times. Prevents thief from removing the steering column and hotwiring the truck.
  3. Brake pedal lock: Prevents he brake pedal from moving, which you need to move the truck from Park to Drive. 
  4. Tire Claw: Supposed to prevent the truck from moving period. 
Now it's a damn shame I have to go through all this to protect my personal property. I don't live anywhere near the ghetto, but you can never be too cautious. If niggas will steal an astray they most definitely will steal the whole truck. I see the way black men eye my truck...ain't nobody about to take what's mine. As soon as I hear the alarm go off on the truck the first thing I'm reaching for is my pistol. 
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