Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Daddy...SMH!!!

My daddy is living the past...

When I went home for Thanksgiving I stayed with my daddy. On Thanksgiving day he woke up wearing a shower cap.

Me (confused): Dad you sleep in a shower cap?

Dad: Yep. 

I didn't give it too much thought until I arrived at my mother's house and sat down to eat with my mom and my brother. 

Me: Dad is sleeping in a shower cap and he looks like he has a perm or something. 

My brother: Dad is trying to get his Jheri curl back!

Me: What?!?

My brother: He told me the Jheri curl is coming back. 

I look at my mom and we both burst into laughter.

My daddy is a fool! In what world is the damn Jheri curl coming back?!? The last time I saw my daddy he had a blown out Afro. Now he walking around wearing shower caps and shit looking like the black dudes from the group Ready For The World...

My daddy is a dark-skinned black man. In the 1980's, which is the decade I think he is stick in, he had a long juicy jheri curl with a curl in the front like El Debarge up above. He cared about that damn Jheri curl. I don't think you will find another black man who spent so much time in the mirror caring about his Jheri curl. On top of that, my daddy had two gold teeth in the front of his mouth and they both had a star engraved in them. 

I remember he used to walk around with a shinny double breasted suit like the man in this video...

That suit was so shinny it could blind the hell out of you in the sun. 

Nowadays my daddy walks around in full leather outfits! No, I'm not joking. He walks around wearing leather from head to toe. I'm talking about leather shirts, leather pants and leather cowboy boots (with gold trims)....he rocks it all! He stay looking like Eddie Murphy from those old school comedy videos when he used to rock an all leather outfit with some tight ass leather pants that make my crotch hurt just looking at them...

His dick and balls probably screaming, "Damn let us breath!"

My daddy seems to be completely oblivious of how ridiculous he looks. He doesn't care that it doesn't get cold enough in south Georgia for an all leather outfit. He rocks the shit anyway.

I keep quiet about it because I figure he should be able to do him in peace, but damn if I don't wish my fifty-something year old daddy would dress something like this...

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