Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fuck Nelly!!!

I just want to say good job to my Spelman sisters. 

Nelly can go somewhere and sit down. This man has some nerve. He disrespects/degrades black women in his video only to turn around and ask the premier college for black women to help in his quest to save his sister's life. Where the hell they do that at???

Somebody needs to tell Nelly he is dealing with educated sisters...not the chicks star struck by his ebonic plagued nonsense.

I don't understand black men. They are the most fucked up, ass backwards, regressive group on the face of the planet. Yes, I'm know I'm generalizing, but if you read the various comments on blogs about this situation you will see that black men as a collective agree with Nelly. I'm trying to figure out why these men feel they are...
  1. Entitled to black women's bodies and resources.
  2. Can degrade and disrespect black women only to turn around and ask for help from black women?
  3. Lie about a situation (Nelly lied and was dishonest about the situation) and think it's okay to say he would have kicked somebody's ass (i.e., promote violence against women who refuse to bend to your needs and desires). 
One good thing has come from all of this: Nelly doesn't have a career anymore. 
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