Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Want To Be A Puppeteer

I want to be a puppeteer. 

I have always been fascinated with puppets. As a child I loved The Muppets Babies, and even today I still watch Sesame Street. Between Sesame Street, Barney, The Muppets Babies, The Famous Jet Jackson and Lamb Chop I was a very happy kid!

I have always been entertained and amused by puppets. Puppets are the cutest little creations in the world. 

I remember watching an interview between Barbara Walters, Kermit the frog and Ms Piggy. I was so amused by the exchange between Ms. Piggy and Kermit that I went on Youtube to search for more videos about the Muppet Babies

Kernit is quite charming, funny and entertaining...

I have the voice to be a puppeteer. I'm sure the few of you who have heard my voice can confirm that fact. I think I have the personality as well. I also think I have a natural flair for comedy. 

I'm so serious about becoming a puppeteer that I'm thinking of creating my own cast of puppets and financing a show myself! I'm still doing my research, but I'm going to make this happen some time in the near future.
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