Friday, June 14, 2013

Whites Are Becoming A Minority: Why It Doesn't Matter...

Today the census bureau announced that white people are going the way of the dinosaur in this country, and I'm so sad to see them go (sarcasm). According to Census, white deaths outnumbered white births last year. The population drop for whites would have been greater if not for non-American whites emigrating to this country. 

From my observations this is how various races are taking this news...
  • Black people (particularly black men) are jumping for joy. Black women appear to be a little bit more practical about this news. 
  • White people are shaking in their boots. They are saying dumb shit like, "Well, we had a good run, white people, but now we're on our way to becoming the middle east and Africa."
  • Asians: *Crickets*
  • Non-white Hispanics: *Crickets*
  • White Hispanics: "Aren't we included in the white population? If so, white people aren't going anywhere!" 
This is how I took the news...

You can count me in with the practical group of black folks and here is why...

Whites are still the dominate racial group in this country. Whites tend to group all minorities together and then say whites are becoming the minority. This way of thinking never made any sense to me because minority groups don't like each other, don't accept each other, compete with each other, and we RARELY (if ever) do anything productive together. It doesn't make sense to groups blacks, non-white Hispanics and Asians together when truth be told, we are NOT in this shit together! 

Whites, as an individual racial group, still make up 63% of the United States. As individual racial groups minorities are still small in population compared to whites. Now of course things won't stay this way. If things keep going the way they are whites will eventually become a minority.

Then there is this reality...

Even if whites are becoming the minority in this country they still control the vast majority of the wealth in this country, which is the ONLY thing that REALLY matters in this world! This is the MAIN reason why it makes no sense for black people to be so gleeful about this news. 

White people control the GOLD. They control employment. They control banks. They control businesses. They control the stock market. They control the media. They control the economy. Even as a minority, they will continue to control these things unless something drastic happens (i.e., another Great Depression...or the poor revolt and kill the rich, which won't happen because racism keeps poor whites from looking out for their economic interest. They would rather side with rich whites than see blacks or other minorities achieve any type of economic success). 

As longs as whites have economic control and wealth they can still run the world. This can be done regardless of their numbers. So, cheering about the demise of their race doesn't make much sense when we consider the wealth in this country is almost solely controlled by whites!

Surprisingly, most the comments I have read from whites don't even acknowledge this^^^ reality. They are either completely oblivious to it or too stuck on the fear of becoming a minority to think with the other side of their brain.

Topics like this highlight how unbelievably misguided black people are in this country. As with most things, we are too stuck on RACE to see MONEY and how it affects RACE. If we could see and understand MONEY at the same rate that we see and understand RACE we would be the richest group in the world! Think about it...

The Civil Rights Movement amounted to African Americans receiving government forced racial equality (I use the word loosely). It didn't result in economic equality, which is the other half of the equation. That aspect of the struggle fell to the wayside when our so-called black "leaders" decide to accept welfare, public housing and affirmative action as compensation for centuries of hardship, racism and oppression. 

In exchange for helping to "buy off" (perhaps "sellout" is a better word) the black community, black "leaders" (those that lived) were able to advance lucrative careers as race mongers, politicians, preachers and lawyers. African Americans, being the sheep that we are, went along with these folks for the next four plus decades. What do we have to show for it? A congressional black cacuas that isn't worth a damn, hopelessness, frustration, rampant violence and crime, fatherless homes, broken nuclear families, a self-destructive counterculture, poverty and a shit load of other issues.

While we were integrating into our racially "equal" society, and accepting the government cheese, we completely dropped our own community. We dropped our businesses. We dropped our schools. We dropped our black professional class. We dropped all things black, and as a result, we lost our businesses to non-blacks (think about all the Asians who run businesses in the black community). We lost our schools (think about all the HBCUs that have closed their doors due to financial hardship and mismanagement). We lost our black professional class (This group is almost completely dependent upon whites for everything from employment to housing in clean crime free communities. On top of that, they often don't want anything to do with blacks outside of their circle of professionals).

The main people who have benefited from integration are whites (ironically) and non-blacks! Yes, we got our racial equality (again I use the word loosely) but we lost everything else that matters! So, even if whites are loosing their racial dominance they will NEVER be in the same boat as us economically unless something drastic happens. As a race, we need to STOP focusing so much on RACIAL equality and starting focusing more on ECONOMIC equality. 
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