Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jealousy & Love Gone Wrong

Chick on the left is fine as hell....Chick on the right...ummm what the hell happened to her hairline???
I've been meaning to write a blog about this topic for some time now. Today my new boo (my ex-property I should give her a new nickname) asked me if I heard about the domestic violence dispute between WNBA players Jennifer Lacy (pictured on the left) and Chamique Holdsclaw (pictured on the right). I heard about their situation a while ago, but I didn't feel like commenting on it at the time.

For those of you who don't know, Chamique Holdsclaw allegedly tried to either scare the hell out of Jennifer Lacy or kill the chick. Chamique shot up Jennifer's whip and supposedly tried to blow the car up (depending on which blog site you read). What set off the attack? According to Jennifer, Chamique was mad as hell because they broke up. You can read more about their situation here.

I don't condone domestic violence, but if I was Jennifer Lacy I think I would beat Chamique's ass for fucking up my car! That alone would prompt me to stab the chick! I wouldn't care if she did have a gun. The two of us would be struggling over the gun and my foot would ultimately end up in her ass!

I know how it feels to be driven by jealous rage. I have been there. One of my ex-girlfriends used to make me so jealous that I could kill. Jealousy is a SERIOUS emotion. Next to anger, I believe jealousy is the most dangerous emotion of them all. 

Jealousy has the ability to keep you up at night. It has the ability to cloud your judgement. It has the ability to make you ill. It has the ability to drive you crazy. It has the ability to destroy your life. It can drive you to do things you regret later. It has the ability to cripple your body (jealousy is stressful and stress is NOT good for the body). If not managed or unchecked, jealousy can end in violence. 

I don't know what was going through Chamique's head when she was trying to pop a cap in Jennifer's ass. If I were in her shoes, and on the verge of losing a woman that looks like this...

I probably would have lost my mind too! 

Jennifer Lacy is one of the best looking black female basketball players I have ever seen (and honestly I haven't seen too many attractive female basketball players). I read she is from California. Something must be in the water in California because just about ever black lesbian I have ever encountered from California has been FINE as hell!

Poor Chamique probably saw the writing on the wall and knew it was just a matter of time before another lesbian began tapping that vagina. She probably had daydreams of some other butch 6 foot 5 WNBA player eating Jennifer's box in the locker room, and that thought probably messed her up in the head. Instead of seeking therapy, she decided manhandle a chick. Again, I don't condone domestic violence. 

Anyway, Jennifer Lacy has moved on...

Damn Damn Damn Damn!!!!

 And so has Chamique Holdsclaw....

Her girlfriend is cute!
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