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My Ancestry: My Mother's Maternal Side of The Family Part Two

This is a continuation of THIS BLOG. I just finished watching Roots on BET. I came here to pick up where I left off on telling my family's history.

Here is a synopsis of what happened to Henry Walker and Nancy Russell's children and grandchildren...

  1. Judging from the death certificates several of their grandchildren died of TB. Keep in mind vaccinations were damn near unheard of at this point in history. Disease was widespread.
  2. Nancy Russell died of a stroke in the early 1920s. I discovered her maiden name on her death certificate and subsequently I discovered another branch of my family (still a work in progress).
  3. Henry Walker died from a ruptured hernia.
  4. John Walker and Samuel Anderson Walker (Nancy and Henry's sons) were both in love with the same woman. John Walker married her and Samuel Anderson Walker disowned his brother. Samuel Walker was the only child who never married.
  5. Joe Walker (Henry and Nancy's oldest son) was killed with an axe in an act of self-defense by his wife. Joe Walker was chasing her with a shotgun and she fought back. 
  6. Florence Walker (One of Henry and Nancy's daughters) died as a teenager. It is unclear how she died because she died before death certificates were issued.
  7. Abraham Walker (One of Henry and Nancy's sons) became the family's mortician. He signed more death certificates than any member of the family. 
  8. The Walker Family cemetery still exist. It sits on someone's property (a testament to the disrespect blacks are shown when it comes to our cemeteries...I will come back to this in part three). Each one of these people is buried in the Walker Family cemetery in unmarked graves (only one grave is marked)....according to their death certificates. 
  9. Henry and Nancy Russell passed the land down to their children. It was sold to them for $5.00 (I guess money had to exchange hands to make it legal).
I descended from Nancy and Henry's 7th child, Beauford Walker who was born in 1879. I don't know much about Beauford Walker except he served in WWI and became a preacher. Beauford married Lillie Pearl Whidby. Here is a picture of the two of them.

Lillie Pearl Whidby is the daughter of Tom Whidby and Dicey Norwood. Tom Whidby was killed sometime in the early 20th century. According to family history he was drunk while riding his horse and carriage. Apparently he happened upon some railroad tracks and was hit by a train! If you're like me, you're probably thinking this shit doesn't sound real. Unfortunately, Tom Whidby (who was mulatto) died before the state of Georgia began issuing death certificates. My aunt has a picture of Tom and Dicey but I haven't been able to get in touch with her to scan the picture. 

Dicey Norwood, according to family history, was a colorist. She favored her light-skinned children and grandchildren over her dark-skinned children and grandchildren. I learned this from Beauford and Lillie Pearl's youngest daughter, who is still alive. Dicey Norwood was born in 1862 but she didn't die until 1944!

Dicey Norwood, parents were named Andrew and Rhoda Norwood. They were both born in the mid 19th century. I am still in the process of researching the Norwoods. 

Anyway, back to Beauford and Lillie Pearl...

At some point, and I'm not sure exactly when, how or why, Beauford Walker became the primary owner of the family's land. I don't know if that's because his sibling bit the dust before him if they migrated up north, but at some point Beauford Walker became the owner of the family's land. 

Beauford and Lille Pearl (both died of heart attacks in Detroit...I will come back to this in part 3) had ten kids. Here are some pictures of those kids (and believe it or not I can see myself in some of these people)....
  1. Beauford Walker Jr. (died of natural causes)
  2. David Walker. (Died of natural causes)
  3. Solomon Walker (Murdered in a gas station in Detroit...while paying for gas)
  4. Franklin Roosevelt Walker (Murdered by criminals who wanted to silence him after he was robbed, shot and left for dead in a gas station where he worked in Detroit)
  5. Elaine Walker (Still alive...famous for beating her brother, Franklin Walker's school teacher with a brick after she threatened to hold him back a grade)
  6. Maggie Pearl Walker (Died of old age...recently)
  7. The other children (all girls and all dead). I'm still working on getting pictures of them.
To Be Continued...
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