Sunday, October 7, 2012

Diary Of A Black Lesbian Uncensored Volume One

Diary of A Black Lesbian Uncensored Volume One E-Book Cover
My E-Book Cover

As promised Diary Of A Black Lesbian Uncensored Volume One is now available on Amazon Kindle. It is also available for download on this blog. Both the Amazon version and the downloadable version are $2.99.

For those of you who don't have a kindle you can download it to your computer by clicking the "Buy Now" button in the right sidebar. The button leads to a Paypal page so your transactions are secure. I don't see any of your contact information. The whole process is managed through Paypal and e-junkie. Once your payment is processed you will be emailed a download link from e-junkie. If you have any issues ordering the e-book using paypal/e-junkie drop me an email. 

From what I understand, Amazon has also made it possible for people with smartphones and ipads to download books through their Amazon app. So if you're interested in getting the e-book through your smartphone, ipad or tablet computer you should look for the Amazon app and do a search for the e-book title. 

If you have any questions drop me an email.
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