Sunday, May 27, 2012

Masculine Black Lesbians (Probably Should Read Masculine Black Women In General)

Maybe I do suffer from some sort of self-hate because overall I find MANY (not most) black women, whether gay or straight, masculine. I really cannot explain why I view so many straight black women as masculine, but the reason I view so many black lesbians as masculine is obvious: Most of those I run across ARE masculine in nature. Any and all traces of femininity are usually absent. It disgust me. I love a feminine woman. Unfortunately, I don't run across too many black lesbians who come across as feminine to me. It's the complete opposite with non-black women/lesbians. Not only do I find the women feminine but overall I find them more appealing than black lesbians. Let me explain...

See the chick in the picture? Her name is Sajdah Golde. She is a cast member on the reality television show, The Real L Word. I don't have anything personally against Sajdah but physically I find her unattractive. Everything from the way that she dresses to the way she looks/talks is unattractive to me. Her features are unattractive to me. She comes across as not only masculine but HYPER-masculine. All sense of femininity is GONE. She displays just about every stereotypical trait I hate in black men, which is the case for MOST black lesbians I ran across. 

I don't understand it. I don't understand why Black WOMEN would imitate the nonsense so many of us HATE in black men, but that seems to be the case with black lesbians. Everything from the sagging pants, cornrows, tattoos, ebonics is imitated. Sajdah is supposed to be educated but she doesn't come across as educated to me. I've seen a picture of her when she was supposedly going through her denial stage and she looked like a feminine woman...

and she didn't look so bad. In fact, she looked 10 times better! Her features, for whatever reason, didn't look as harsh as they do in the picture on the right.

I can't help but compare her to the rest of the cast on the show. 

The whites girls (even the butch chick in the back far left) come across as feminine to me. Whitney, who I consider a tomboy, comes against as feminine (and sexy...I would screw her).

 Whereas Sadjah stands out as the ugly stereotypical black lesbian they put on the show to add diversity. Look at these pictures and tell me I'm lying...

                              Bad ass white lesbians from The Real L Word

                              Bad ass white girls from The Real L Word

              Bad ass white girl from The Real L Word with Sadjah in the picture

       Bad ass white girls from The Real L Word with Sadjah in the picture

         Bad ass white girls from The Real L Word with Sadjah in the picture

Just looking at the pictures I can honestly say the white chicks appeal to me more.  And I feel bad for feeling that way but it is the truth.

Why in God's name couldn't they find some attractive FEMININE black lesbians in LA to be on this show???

There plenty of them out there because I have seen them. LA has some of the best looking black women I've ever seen in my life! Even Sadjah's girlfriend, Chanel Brown, on this show is a banger...

They should have made Chanel the central black character on this show. I can look at her and say "Damn she's bad." In my opinion she blows the white chicks on this show out the water. I can compare her beauty to their beauty and feel good about it because I know she can kick ass in that department. I cannot say the same for Sadjah and I think this crap might be intentional on the part of the producers of this show.

A bad ass black woman will walk all over a bad ass white woman each and every time. The powers that be know it and aim to show black women in an unappealing light in order to hype up white women and keep the myth of white supremacy alive.

Anyway, rant over.
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